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    May 27 2016

Pizza Vs. Skeletons

Ridiculous yet Amazing -USA TodayYou are BIG. You are TASTY. You are kicking some brittle undead @*$!Pizza Vs. Skeletons is an epic, ridiculous, 2D platform game. You control a 25-foot-tall pizza as it smashes through a horde of undead rivals on land, sea, and in outer space. What can a 25-foot-tall pizza do? Well, pretty much EVERYTHING*- Crush fossilized ostriches - Rescue Schnauzer puppies - Stomp obnoxious cupids - Learn Karate - Sumo wrestle an alien - Ski with comrades - Demolish a haunted skyscraper - Eat fugu - Bounce on space marshmallows - Smash the great pyramids - Celebrate Dia de los Muertos - Grow a mohawk - Visit the moon - Protect civilians - Raid a meat factory - Thwart a UFO abduction - Teach baseball players a lesson they will never forget - Plunder cash - Be a pirate - Don't be a pirate - Be a pirate with an ant's mouth - Destroy a perfectly good log cabin - Get pummeled by teddy bears - Go nuclear - *Yes, you can actually do all this and far more!FEATURES- 110 fantastically ridiculous levels- 3 distinct challenges in each level- Dozens of enemies- Huge bosses- Customize the perfect hero--add peppers, a powdered wig, be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich... design over A QUARTER MILLION PIZZAS!Not convinced? Try the first 10 levels in the FREE version! ->――――――――――Riverman Media is two brothers who have dedicated their lives to the art of 2D game making――――――――――And it's powered by G-GEE BY GMO with lots of popular games such as 3D SIMPLE BOWLING, Battle Race: One Way Racing, 3D Ping Pong Master, Basketball JAM 3D, STICK NINJA: HYPER JUMPER, Zombie Bowling, Dragon Monster Tower Denfese, Zombie Escape 3D: The School Kids Labyrinth, AngryMama, Homerun Derby and more free games.Registration for a free membership is required upon playing this game.Get inside G-GEE BY info on latest game updates, tips & more online...LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: US ON TWITTER:
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